Liquidating assets company

04-Aug-2017 08:00

As soon as the liquidator is appointed, they’ll take control of the business.

Winthrop Realty Liquidating Trust is a liquidating trust formed to complete the liquidation of Winthrop Realty Trust.

Under the liquidation order, all GIC policies are cancelled effective December 27, 2017, unless otherwise terminated prior to that date.

In accordance with Section 631.155, Florida Statutes, all premiums and unearned commissions you collected on behalf of GIC must be accounted for and paid directly to the Department within 30 days.

It pays its taxes and fulfills its contractual obligations.

It liquidates its inventory and other assets by selling them off quickly, often for less money than the company originally paid for the items.

Gurantee was licensed to sell worker’s compensation insurance in forty states and the District of Columbia, and wrote business in thirty-one states and the District of Columbia at the time of liquidation.

, regulators determined that Guarantee had insufficient assets to pay all outstanding obligations.

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For a description of our assets please see the Our Assets section.

A written inventory listing each item, including a photograph, a written description and an asking price provides a business record of the sale for legal and tax purposes.